Chiropractic Testimonials

"I always love my visits to see Dr. Shelley and the Synergy team. Ironically, the better I get, the less treatments I need - almost wish it were the opposite."

- Amit D. // March 6, 2019

"I saw Dr. Shelly who is an exceptional chiropractic magician! She has been helping me for 18 years deal with back pain and now shoulder pain. Without her I would be a Mess! Totally recommend her and her staff. Quite Simply The Best!"

- Derek C. // September 17, 2018

"In 2006 I suddenly experienced intense pain in my back, neck and head.  I was referred to Specialists who diagnosed me with Scoliosis, Arthritis and GERD.  They prescribed pain killers, stomach acid inhibitors and antidepressants.  Overnight I went from being a healthy, active person to lying on the floor of my basement.

I was not a candidate for surgery but my doctor asked if I had tried Chiropractic or Massage.  As a Professional Engineer I was skeptical however, after days without sleep, I crawled into Dr. Shelley’s Chiropractic Centre and asked for help.  Dr. Shelley took one look at my miserable state and immediately went to work.  In the days, weeks and months that followed my health took a completely different trajectory.  The pain lessened, I stopped taking pills and, when I went back to the Specialists, they could find no traces of GERD or Arthritis.  They were right about the Scoliosis.  Dr. Shelley and my Massage Therapist Joanne gave me exercises and diet recommendations in addition to treatments.

Today I am almost back to my former self, I take no medication, sleep well and my migraine headaches are gone.  In addition to being a professional and knowledgeable practitioner, Dr. Shelley is an empathetic and wonderful person.  She is a true healer and has a great team at Synergy Chiropractic!"

- Paul B. // September 14, 2018

"When I was little, I used to have migraines almost every week. I had to take medication more and more often.  In 2009 my Dad took me to see Dr. Shelley at the Chiropractic Centre.

After the first year of treatments I got fewer migraines and the ones I did have were much less painful.  Now, I only have migraines once or twice a month!  I really like Dr. Shelley and the staff at Synergy Chiropractic.  I would recommend it for anyone with pain."

- Julia B. // September 14, 2018


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